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My story:

I walked into my first yoga class in 2003 at my local gym on a lark.  Having never been the most athletic growing up, this was the first time I felt excited about the movements I was doing and the competency I had with flexibility. Soon I moved my practice to a yoga studio where I could focus my efforts on accomplishing the more challenging poses. After a couple years of continuously pushing myself to achieve the bigger stretches, I began to have pain in my hip and low back. 

It was only when I stepped away from yoga that the pain lessened.  I didn't want to surrender my practice, so instead, I avoided deep ranges.  I became a yoga teacher in 2014 so I could learn more about how to adapt poses and find new ways to access different shapes. I was teaching several classes weekly, but still having generalized discomfort in my body.  I just assumed that was a result of aging.

In 2019 I discovered Kathryn Bruni-Young and her Mindful Strength practice aimed at building strength and confidence in movement.  I became fascinated with her approach to integrating modalities to build a robust movement practice.  In 2020 I took an online Teacher Intensive with Kathryn and several incredible guest lecturers. including Jules Mitchell.

My yoga practice evolved after that training.  I also had less pain with movement as I was more aware of how to add resistance to build my resilience. I wanted to understand more about the biomechanics of how and why my body was adapting so I signed up for Jules' 300 hour yoga teacher training in 2022 and completed that course in 2023.  I cannot overstate the impact that training had on my teaching and it has made me a more engaged, caring, and curious teacher.

How I teach:

My passion is working with people to find more freedom & confidence in their bodies by building stability, mobility & strength with progressive movements.  Each person has a unique history in their bodies and we move according to those experiences, our own anatomy, and the patterns we've developed over time.  I enjoy working with people to gain a sense of appreciation for what they can do and exploring other options to add variety and strength.  When you feel strong, you feel confident and more resilient.  

Resiliency also stems from our ability to tolerate stress.  It's so important that we allow time to reset, reduce stress and give space for well-being.  In addition to teaching active movement classes I also teach a restorative style practice.  Adding space to our lives for renewal, both physical and mental, increases our capacity for stability and strength.

Fun Facts:

  • I live outside Houston, TX with my husband and nearly adult children

  • I love traveling and spent over a decade working at a major US airline

  • Massive Penn State football fan

  • In my spare time I love walking and hiking. I even dragged my family to Kilimanjaro in 2018.


  • 300 hour yoga teacher certification with Jules Mitchell

  • Teacher Intensive with Kathryn Bruni-Young

  • Yin yoga certified

  • 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Sacred Art Yoga

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